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Olsson, Karl A.



  • Existence: 1913

Karl A. Olsson was born June 10, 1913 in Renton, Washington The family lived in Sweden from 1915 to 1922. Olsson attended North Park College and Seminary between 1931and 1933. His first pastoral position was at the First Covenant Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. He later served Covenant churches in Stillwater, Minnesota and in Chicago, Illinois. Olsson married Dorothy Sally Carlson on September 14, 1935. His teaching career began in 1938, when he accepted a position to teach English at North Park. In 1942 Olsson was ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church. In that same year he enlisted in the Army, where he served as a chaplain with the 11th Armored Division with the rank of Captain. Olsson was honored with a Bronze and a Silver Medal for gallantry in action. He later served as a Chaplain during the Korean War. After World War II, Olsson returned to the University of Chicago, teaching and serving as assistant dean of students. Olsson received his Ph.D. in English in 1948 from the University of Chicago and then taught both literature at North Park College and church history at North Park Seminary. In 1959, he was elected President of North Park. He retired from this position in 1970. The Olssons moved to Columbia, Maryland, where Olsson concentrated on his work with relational ministries, through Faith at Work, Inc. and through his own organization, Relational Ministries, Inc. Olsson was a prolific writer, contributing more than nine hundred and fifty articles to the Covenant Companion and publishing twelve books. Karl Olsson died on June 2, 1996. (Source: Covenant Companion, September 1996, pp 22-23).